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Delta Trends Day 2021: reinventing a 400-year-old university for talent


Organiser: Delta Management School
Venue: University of Tartu Delta Centre and World Wide Web
Date: Sept 30, 2021
Time: 9:45 – 17:00
Language: the working language is English
Target Group: educators and school leaders, researchers and otherwise curious people, government officials and community enthusiasts, medical and public health professionals, students and high school graduates, business people and entrepreneurs.

The University of Tartu will be 390 years old in 2022, the Delta Trends Day 2021 will discuss how to move towards a youthful 400-year-old university.

The best experts in their field share their ideas and thoughts about what the future university could look like – what it means in terms of education and science, the architectural nature of the campus, as well as university management and leadership.

Delta Trends Day 2021 seeks answers to the following questions:

  • For whom do we innovate at the university, what is the new mission of the university? Is the future already here or is it still evolving?
  • How is talent collaboration becoming part of the business model of universities and cities? What is the nature of talents today and in the future: who are they, what do they expect from the university, what drives their mobility, what do they think about business and society and their role in it?
  • What are the universities as the innovation centres of the future like and how are the activities of different organizations and companies intertwined in them?
  • According to the WHO definition, health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being: how to support the health of talents from different age groups in the long run? How to create an attractive, healthy and development-friendly environment for your talents?

These and many other exciting topics for the future of universities, campuses and talent will be discussed and analyzed during the Delta Trends Day 2021. Take the opportunity to take part in this unique event!

Delta Trends Day is organised by the Delta Management School and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre of the University of Tartu.

Delta Trends Day 2021 is broadcasted from four studios located at the Delta Centre. The Delta Centre is one of the most modern centres of digital technology, analytical and economic thought in the Northern region with core competencies in management and economics, computer science, technology and robotics, and mathematics and statistics. The Delta Management School is part of this vibrant 3,200+ member community, combining learning, excellence in research, and the challenges of business and society in creating innovative solutions for economic and social progress.

Delta Trends Day 2021 was free for everyone!

The whole event was recorded and can be watched:
Event pictures can be found from Delta Management School Facebook.

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