Management and Administrative Staff

Ott Pärna
Head of Development, Visiting Professor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, PhD
+372 517 8111

Riina Viilup
Assistant to the Head
+372 737 6337

Kersti Kurri
Specialist in Academic Affairs (Block Mode Studies)
+372 737 6313

Selje Seeba
Study Coordinator (Block Mode Studies)
+372 737 6313; +372509 8648

Tiia Haldma
Specialist for Clerical Procedures
+372 737 6320

Ülle Maidla
Specialist of Research
+372 737 6342

Sirje Haas
+372 737 6325

Herly Parve
+372 737 6325

Kristi Liivamägi
Specialist for International Studies
+372 737 6317

Sirje Saarmann
Specialist in Academic Affairs
+372 737 6310

Anneli Kütt
Specialist in Academic Affairs
+372 737 6318

Anneli Lorenz
Internship development manager
+372 737 6315; +372 520 7062

Piret Arusaar
Senior Project Specialist, MA
+372 737 4817

Kristian Kutsar
Startup Lab Communications and Marketing Specialist
+372 5628 6536

Taavi Tamm
Startup Lab Senior Specialist, MBA
+372 5811 6360

Andres Vaher
Marketing and Communications Specialist
+372 555 87359

Martti Reinet
Senior Specialist for Visual Media and Communication, MA
+372 737 6331

Mariana Kukk
Delta X Coordinator and Communications Manager, MA
+372 737 6360

Juta Sikk
Secretary of the Alumni Association Hermes
+372 5695 1721; +372 737 6346

Madli Vaher
Marketing Specialist (MA) (maternity leave)
+372 737 6331

Chair of International Business and Innovation

Peter J Hwang
Professor of Asian Economy, PhD

Oliver Lukason
Associate Professor of International Business and Finance, PhD

James Hamilton Love
Visiting Professor, PhD

Eva Liias
Visiting Lecturer, PhD

Niina Mariia Nummela
Visiting Professor, PhD

Mark Frederick Peterson
Visiting Professor, PhD

Anastasiia Pustovalova
Junior Research Fellow in Economics, MA

Bettina Becker
Visiting Research Fellow, PhD

PhD students

Anastasia Sinitsyna
Doctoral thesis title: Labour market Behavior of Estonian Diaspora in Finland. Supervisors: Raul Eamets, Tiit Tammaru

Marek Mardo
Doctoral thesis title: Life cycle management of defence materiel. Supervisors: Jaan Murumets, Toomas Haldma

Ilona Pavlenkova
Doctoral thesis title: Effects of Technological Changes on Labour Market. Supervisors:Jaan Masso, Jaanika Meriküll

Siim Läänelaid
Doctoral thesis title: Entrepreneurial opportunity identification and creation in the early stages of the innovation process: systemic innovation approach. Supervisors: Mervi Raudsaar, Tõnis Mets

Kati Loite
Doctoral thesis title: Application of business anthropology in revealing the peculiarities and consumer patterns in retail business: Insights of duty-free stores. Supervisor: Eneli Kindsiko

Helina Loid-Kudu
Doctoral thesis title: Analysis and Development Opportunities of Research Funding System in Estonia on the Example of the Principal-Agent Theory. Supervisor: Kadri Ukrainski

Youjun Shin
Doctoral thesis title: Efficiency of public E-health services, a case study of Korea and Estonia. Supervisor: Kadri Ukrainski

Karin Patune
Doctoral thesis title: Employees’ potential and Performance: the context of knowledge organizations. Supervisors: Urmas Varblane, Maaja Vadi

Daria Tykhonova
Doctoral thesis title: Effects of Technological Changes on Labour Market: Macroeconomic Evidence. Supervisors: Lenno Uusküla, Jaan Masso

Darya Lapitskaya
Doctoral thesis title: Social media analysis and stock markets. Supervisors: Rajesh Sharma, Mustafa Hakan Eratalay

Liisi Lembinen
Doctoral thesis title: Strategic decision-making in academic libraries in Europe. Supervisors: Krista Jaakson, Susan W. Alman, Anne Reino

Papuna Gogoladze
Doctoral thesis title: The effects of technological changes on the labour market. Supervisors: Jaan Masso, Jaanika Meriküll

Irina Martyanova
Doctoral thesis title: Cultural Environment and Entrepreneurship. Supervisor: Anneli Kaasa

Kaire Piirsalu-Kivihall
Doctoral thesis title: Influence of the well-being at work on adjustment of people with changes in labour markets. Supervisor: Tiiu Paas

Merilen Laurimäe
Doctoral thesis title: Household Income and Employment Dynamics. Supervisors: Tiiu Paas, Alari Paulus

Marie Annette Towner
Doctoral thesis title: The utilization of label design elements to foster consumer engagement based on the wine industry. Supervisor: Andres Kuusik

Art Andresson
Doctoral thesis title: Firm failure prediction and processes: new theoretical and empirical evidence. Supervisor: Oliver Lukason

Anastasiia Pustovalova

Contact us

Andres Vaher
Marketing Coordinator

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