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New course “Entrepreneurship in Art and Creative industries”

Last Thursday marked the highly anticipated launch of the new course «Entrepreneurship in Art and Creative industries» at School of Economics and Business Administration. The course, which is aimed at aspiring students interested in pursuing careers in the art and culture industries entrepreneurship, promises to provide invaluable insights and skills that are essential for success in these fields.

The first classes were held at the Tartu Center for Creative Industries, with an impressive turnout of students and industry professionals in attendance. The course instructors began by introducing the key concepts and principles that would be covered throughout the program, highlighting the importance of creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking in the world of art and culture.

Throughout the lesson, students were encouraged to think critically and creatively about the various challenges and opportunities that arise when starting and managing businesses in these industries. The course promises to provide a comprehensive overview of the key skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field. In addition to the classroom instruction, the course also features several hands-on activities and projects, giving students the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in real-world contexts. From designing marketing campaigns to developing business plans and pitching ideas to potential investors, students will be fully immersed in the entrepreneurial process, gaining valuable experience, and building their professional networks along the way.

Students will visit cultural organizations in Tartu, meet leading experts in the film and fashion industry, and develop a project for a real art organization. The results of the project will be presented at the Estonian Fashion Festival in June.

Overall, the launch of this new course represents a significant step forward for the University if Tartu, Center for Creative Industries and for the art and culture industries more broadly. By providing individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed as entrepreneurs, the course is helping to build a more vibrant, dynamic, and prosperous creative economy. We look forward to seeing the incredible achievements and successes that emerge from this exciting new course.

The course is taught by the lecturers of the University of Tartu, Iuliia Trabskaia and Aleksei Gorgadze, as well as the head of the Tartu Center for Creative Industries, Külli Hansen.

If you want to study entrepreneurship in art and culture, enroll in the master’s program «Innovation and Technology Management». The deadline for submitting applications is March 15. Look for detailed information about the installation on the website and in telegram chat!

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