MA | 120 ECTS | ENG | Regular study

Innovation and Technology Management (Master’s)

This Interdisciplinary programme combines management, innovation, digitalisation and IT which brings together a vibrant community of students, researchers and innovators. The programme aims to educate specialists who can implement ICT solutions to management processes of enterprises and thus help companies grow through more added value created. Qualified students should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in economics, mathematical sciences, technology sciences (including IT).

Level of study: Master’s
Study language: English
Duration and credits: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Form of study: Regular study
Location: Tartu
Student places: 30
Tuition fee: 2100 EUR/semester
Tuition waivers: 13
Admission 2023: Jan 2 – 15 Mar 2023

What will you get?

We welcome students who would not only like to be programmers or system managers but are also interested in management, innovation and entrepreneurship. We can also turn it another way around – students who already are interested in the latter but would like to know more about implementing ICT solutions to those processes.

Upon completion the curriculum successfully, a student:

  • has a systemic overview of innovation theories and innovation policy;
  • has deep knowledge in some field of research and/or application of  innovation or technology management;
  • is independently able to identify and formulate research questions in the field of innovation and technology management as well as find suitable methods to answer those;
  • can collect, analyse and interpret data of company from strategic and operational level using appropriate methods and evaluation criteria to measure the productivity of the company;
  • can use different methods to analyse company business processes to propose improvements and to measure implementation efficiency;
  • is able to do business with digital products and manage those;
  • is familiar with developments in technology and has a positive attitude towards life-long learning;
  • is collaborative and can communicate with different stakeholders, is able to lead meetings and workshops.
After graduation

Programme timeline

  • I module

    Basic Module (32 ECTS)

    The objective of the module is to give base knowledge in the context of innovation and digital economics including impact of latter to enterprises.

  • II module

    Digital Business Analysis (30 ECTS)

    Module is introducing opportunities to improve company performance and gives knowledge of ICT related aspects in diferent fields and applications.

  • III module

    Innovation Management (30 ECTS)

    Objective of the module is to give knowledge, skills and competences of modernization of the organization or business to enable to work as a manager of unit/company or specialist in public/business sector or start own company.

  • IV module

    Optional courses (6 ECTS)

    Courses of that module may be selected freely from the list of all courses held on University of Tartu or any other university in Estonia or abroad.

  • V module

    Master´s Thesis Module (22 ECTS)

Contact us

Andres Vaher
Marketing Coordinator

Welcome to the Delta Management School Community

Dear students, researchers, today’s and tomorrow’s partners and other interested parties! Delta Management School is a modern, multidisciplinary and experimental study, research and innovation centre. You can find suitable contacts at the TEAM link below.

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